This is hard to do on your own don’t you judge me.

For the secret santa, I think instead of just doing a “I bought you this yacht have fun *gives picture of a yacht*” I want to do something with a bit more feeling, some effort, some thought. With that in mind, because we’re all roleplayers, I want us to focus on creative gifts!

Writer? Write some drabbles. Some poems. Some lyrics.
Artist? Draw a picture. Make a comic.
Musician? Write a song. Make a playlist.

Even if you’re like me, where you just have intense amounts of music, make a nice playlist. Songs that remind you of your giftee.

Stumped? Ask your giftee what they’d like. Ask them for prompts, ask them for favourite genres, etcetc!

Try to make it personal though, guys. Secret santas aren’t a whole lot of fun if the person just gets a message “heres sum oranges 4 u mry christmas” 

Of course also do your own thing! I don’t want to put a whole lot of restrictions on this. If you want to give them gifts like that, cool beans. If you want to send them nice/sweet/cute messages, please do! (this is encouraged also btw)

So with that in mind, I’ll be sending your person to you within the next couple hours. Keep it secret, keep it safe. 

Above all though, have fun! Make this a holiday season to remember, guys.

I love you all <3 Let’s get this thing started!

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